FLEX Students Set the Stage in Milwaukee

By Annie Reifsynder, AYP Area Coordinator

Nine Department of State Scholarship students spent the month of August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the first English Preparatory Program.  The goal of the three weeks was for students to improve their English, acclimate to the United States, and volunteer.  Thanks to an amazing Partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee  these students did just that and then some and have agreed to share the different aspects of their amazing experiences.

Arslan with his host family.

Living with a Host Family            

By Arslan Amir, 16 year old from Kazakhstan

Nowadays, the USA is a leader in education.  That’s why many students around the world study every year in the USA.  I’m one of them.  My host family here in Wisconsin is very, very cool.  My mom is a very successful architect.  She loves playing golf and biking.  My father John is a lawyer.  He worked with the mayor and helps businessmen with their work.  My younger bro Emmitt really loves sports: basketball, golf, baseball, biking and sometimes I play with him.  Yesterday, I was in his school for the new families and students welcome party.  We ate a lot of food, drank a lot of lemonade, that’s why we had a problem later with my stomach.  I have a lot of fun with my family and I like them.


English Class

By Marufjon Marojobov, 17 year old from Tajikistan

My English class is the best class in my life, because before it, I hadn’t had such a good class. I learn something new in this class every day.  In English class you are never bored.  There are always fun and interesting things to learn that the teacher and students make.  If you learn something, you are interested in it and English is the same we are interested in it because our teacher, Mike Nickerson, makes it interesting and funny.   If you have some mistakes he understands and teachers the grammar for us.  He is really the best teacher that I have had. In our class the students are funny, friendly, kind, and helpful.  If the teacher is perfect, but the students are not you can’t study well, because they don’t respect you and maybe you will have a quarrel and the lesson might be not interesting for you and it’s bad.  So, these students in English class respect you and listen to your opinion.  They are all my friends.  In my opinion my English class is awesome and I like it.

English Class Field Trips


By Aygerim Rysbayeva, 17 year old from Kazakhstan

I like every moment which I spend with our class, but my favorite part of English lessons are the field trips.  During these weeks we visited downtown Milwaukee and the Urban Ecology Center.  We got a lot of interesting information, saw famous places and had fun. Our group got to downtown by bus, so we learned to use public transport. First of all, we saw the Milwaukee River and City Hall.  Then, we continued through the Art Museum and Lake Michigan and our last stop was the Milwaukee Public Market.  Every person gave a talk about one of these places, so now I know a little information about every place. Also, our group made a trip to the Urban Ecology Center.  It’s very interesting, cognitive place.  Every part of this building was made of recycled materials which are very useful and don’t harm people’s health.  We made a little search about this center and also we had lessons outside.  I can say that field trips were very informative useful and fun.  I think everybody enjoyed them and will remember always, because these were some of our first trips in the USA.

Anna volunteering with Boys and Girls Club members


By Anna Shepelyeva, 15 year old from Ukraine

Since I came to the United States, I started volunteering.  For me, it was a little unusual and a new thing, but I really like it.  We are volunteering in the Boys & Girls Club.  First of all, it is very interesting.  I’m very excited, when I’m playing with kids.  They are so sweet and cute.  Usually we draw, paint together, playing different games and enjoy interesting activities. I really like all the kids in this club.  After volunteering I always have an excellent mood and feel good.  The little kids, ages five and six, presented me my portrait, for a big great memory!  It’s so cute! Time flies when you’re with children.  I think it’s so nice to help other people.  I’d like to try different kinds of volunteering.  I’m sure it will be fun.  Finally, it’s very nice when you feel, that somebody needs you.


Boys & Girls Clubs Field Trips

By Beki Abaibekova, 16 year old from Kyrgyzstan

The Boys & Girls Club is a special place where you can learn a lot of new things, have fun, and make friends.  There are many good things about this club, but the best thing, which I like more than anything is fieldtrips.  We had many field trips.  We went canoeing.  It was really cool, because when you’re on the board with your friends, you become a super team, that’s why you’re going to win, therefore Anna, Arvin, and I won.  Also, we had a field trip to a waterpark.  It is a big place where you can have a lot of fun.  The third fieldtrip was to action territory.  We made new friends, as always FLEX students had so much fun.  In addition to these field trips, we will have another field trip to Great America.  I’m very excited.  So, I think the Boys & Girls Club makes your life special and better.

Watch a video of their time in Milwaukee by following the link via Animoto: http://animoto.com/play/DUdPPvnRC9GH1EUerUF5qw