A Way to Show Appreciation

By Mohammed Shermohammed a YES exchange student and Greenheart Club Member.
Mohammed, a Kenyan is spending a year in Norcross, Georgia as a high school exchange student. Mohammed has been busy already logging over 100 volunteer hours for the Greenheart Club. Read a little more about his experience below.

My name is Mohammed Shermohammed; I am an exchange student from Kenya with the organization CCI. CCI and Greenheart encourage me to participate in my host community in America by volunteering. I always try my best in doing community service every weekend with the help of my host family who are very supportive when it comes to this.

I have done a variety of volunteer activities. I have been going to the Norcross Co-op working at a food bank.  I have helped out March of Dimes and American Heart Association in fundraising by passing out flyers in my neighborhood.  I was a part of a recycling project at the Norcross Art Fest. We also had a cleanup day in our county which I took part in, under the organization Gwinnet Clean and Beautiful. I also went to Savannah with my host family to help out the Savannah Tree Foundation plant and clean around the golf course and lastly I volunteered in my school helping out the drama club in building and setting up the background.

Volunteering is one of the best things happened to me in America, I get to go to a lot of places and meet a lot of interesting people. I have made a lot of friends. Doing community service to me is a way to show my appreciation to the American citizens. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be here.  It also makes me feel good when I help people and the environment. As an exchange student doing community service I get to socialize with people and they want to know more about the exchange program  and that gives a better opportunity for the future students coming to America.