Volunteering as a Museum Discovery Guide

By Molly Vidmar, J-1 High School Program Manager

There are so many diverse ways to volunteer. Choose an act of service that inspires you like Arslan did! Arslan visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum and really liked it. After his soccer season was over, he called the museum and asked about volunteer opportunities. He joined their volunteer team as a Discovery Guide and the museum opened his own exhibit where he talks about his home country of Turkmenistan.

Because of Arslan’s initiative, he is able to reach a broader audience and is realizing the vision of Grand Rapids Public Museum, the second largest museum in Michigan, “To inspire passionate curiosity and a deeper understanding of the world around us.”

Arslan says that his best volunteering experiences have been presenting on Turkmenistan. He has done many presentations at school, the museum and on a farm and he plans to do more before he leaves. Many people have expressed that they would like to visit Turkmenistan after hearing his presentation.

Arslan has also enjoyed volunteering at an animal sanctuary, where he takes care of animals like horses, goats and chickens.

Before coming to the U.S., Arslan enjoyed volunteering in Turkmenistan. He volunteered at a place in his city called American Corner, where he did presentations and helped people to improve their English.

Reflecting on his experiences, Arslan says, “One thing I learned about myself is that I really like to help people and make them happy!”

Arslan seized many opportunities and made opportunities available by taking initiative.

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