Meet Local Coordinator, Ross Gilleland! A Photo Story of Community Impact

by Jillian Sims, Compliance and Operations Manager

Ross Gilleland is a Local Coordinator for both F1 and J1 (Academic Year/AYP High School) programs in Massachusetts. In addition, he also helps to coordinate Short Term Summer Programs with CCI Greenheart.  Ross loves the opportunity to help fulfill the wishes of students around the world expressing a desire to live in the Northeast, sharing the culture and beauty of his area. He sites his greatest challenge as a Local Coordinator as balancing his full time job as a process engineer and connecting with his students spread throughout the area, who have very busy and full schedules of their own! However, it’s clear that his professional skills of efficiency and his personal investment in giving his students and families an amazing experience are made apparent when he does connect with them. All you have to do is take a look at the gallery of images he has capturing years of awesome connections and giving back to local communities with his students.

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