4 Ways to Make the Most of YOUR Exchange Program

By: Tiernaur Anderson, Marketing and Outreach Intern 

When you first arrive, it might feel like you have more than enough time to do everything you could imagine in the United States. But as your end date gets closer and closer, you will realize just how limited your time is! Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you make the most of the time and ensure that you can accomplish all of your goals for the program. 

  1. Get enough sleep! 

    While having fun and being adventurous is important, you need to have enough energy to do so! Staying on a consistent sleep schedule will maximize your energy – and your fun! This will also help you adjust from any jetlag.  

  2. Be open!

    New food, new people, new experiences; it can all be overwhelming! But don’t let this get the best of you. Make sure to stay open to trying things that are unfamiliar, and to push yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone every day. Trying new things is part of the experience, and it will help you to maximize both the quantity and quality of your cultural exchange opportunities.  

  3. Make a bucket list.

    Having a concrete list or specific goals can be the best way to ensure that you will do everything that you want to do! Make a list of five foods you want to eat, five places you want to go, and five new things you want to try. Pin it up in your kitchen, bedroom, or doorway to motivate you each day!  

  4. Set intentions.

    When you are trying to cram a lot in to every single day, it can feel like the days zip by, and you don’t remember anything by the time you make it home in the evening. To guarantee that your day will be meaningful, try setting an intention each morning. Your intention could be anything from trying to have genuine conversations with customers at work, to focusing on your beautiful surroundings. Whatever you decide, setting an intention will help each day make a lasting impression! 

Make the most of every moment you have on the program in the United States. And if you don’t get a chance to do everything you wanted, don’t fret! There is always next year!