Mission Accomplished

By: Lexy Deutsch, STP Program Manager, and My, Greenheart English Camp camper

As the Program Manager for CCI Greenheart’s ESL Summer Camp, Greenheart English Camp, it is always inspiring when students leave camp having accomplished what they intended to accomplish.

One student I feel truly achieved her goals was My (pronounced “Me”), a 16 year old student from Vietnam. During her interview with me in April of 2015, My mentioned that she wanted to learn a lot of new things and make new friends. Additionally, she hoped to work on her English so that she could study abroad in America one day.

I know that by the end of camp My definitely learned new things, made new friends, and improved her English. Check out my interview with My to read about what she learned and how camp has changed her life!

Tell me about 3 new things you learned at camp.

I learned about the Statue of Liberty, a lot of art like dream catcher and origami, and I learned so much about other cultures.

Please share a short description of a new friend you made at camp.

Because I made so many new friends I am going to write about three of them. The first one is Natalia from Puerto Rico. Her English might not be that good, but we understand each other so well. She is very funny in everything she does. She likes sports and bananas and she eats rice with bananas. She is a nice friend and I see her as a really nice sister, too. She loves her family.

The second friend is Cooper from Taiwan. He is younger than me and he loves Minecraft. He is super cute and he tried so hard to improve his English every day.

The last one is my roommate from Ecuador named Camila. She was the first one I met and talked to. We spent a long time talking to each other about our cultures the first day we met. She taught me a lot and made me watch The Notebook because she said it was such a romantic movie. I didn’t cry at all 🙂

How do you feel you have changed since attending camp?

I feel more like a grown-up person now.  I am more confident when talking to foreigners and I don’t mind making friends who are from different countries. Also, I feel independent and I know one thing for sure, that I can take care of myself.

What new goals will you set for yourself in 2016 and what will you do to accomplish them? If any of your goals for 2016 include learning English, becoming a global leader, or volunteering, fill out an inquiry for Greenheart English Camp today!