Volunteering Around the World

By: Heba Qtafan, StationCom Programs Director

Recently, Stationcom hosted a group of fifteen refugees at the Islamic Charity Center Society, located in Amman. We put together the event in cooperation with Greenheart Exchange. This volunteer project came about as a part of our goals for the year – to spread the culture of volunteerism in our community. Helping others, caring about the less fortunate, adding moments of happiness (especially for kids) to another’s life, and making some of their simple wishes and dreams coming true was what guided us to our volunteer project. It was a beautiful and touching day!

Stationcom’s first volunteer project was actually with Greenheart Exchange, on our first visit to Chicago! Over the past five years, we have learned the culture of volunteerism that they practice. Volunteerism was not something very prevalent or familiar in our community. It was through our experiences with Greenheart that we learned and changed, so we could be better people!  Greenheart filled our hearts when they started teaching us to volunteer – through our participants, and our organization too. We were then able to expand its influence, and teach our families, friends, and community to volunteer as well!

Our volunteer project with refugees at the Islamic Charity Center Society included some Summer Work Travel alumni, friends and our families as well. All of them wanted to lend a hand, do some community service, and to be a part of that great day! This volunteer project left a large impact on all of us who were volunteering. We met a beautiful 6-year-old girl, who hopes to try a McDonald’s meal, and a strong 7 year- old boy who wants to grow up so he can buy a jacket for his little brother. We also met an 11-year-old lady, who when asked about her future plans, wants to be a doctor to help the injured people in her country. Meeting these kids and hearing about their dreams inspires people to want to find a way to help them.

We have become motivated, encouraged, and empowered to do volunteer projects through our partnership with Greenheart Exchange! They have been our tutor, and truly taught us the meaning of caring about others, giving back to them and thinking about them. Thank you to Greenheart Exchange for being such a big part of our volunteer events and such a big cheerleader. Even though they are far away from us in distance, they made this happen.

Are you inspired to help others in your community? Sign up for the Greenheart Club to get access to volunteer resources!