Nothing is Impossible

By: Qiqi Wang, 2018 Summer Work and Travel participant & Ambassador Scholar

Her name is Katarzyna Broda. And my interactions with her changed my perspective this summer.

I met Katarzyna during a “Clean Up City Island” volunteer event. I started to talk to her while we were painting the same table together. I thought she was someone who was local and from my host community, because I didn’t think a disabled person would travel abroad and work. We kept talking – from the weather to our favorite food, and I learned that she was a university student earning a double degree. However, gradually I found that her English was not fluent, so I began to wonder where was she from.

“Poland.” She said.

She is an international student too, working in Hershey Park! Oh my god! What a big challenge for her. I cannot even imagine how she got on the plane and landed at the airport. She is so brave.

Sometimes we work together, if I work in the afternoon. I also meet her at cultural events, like the block party, frequently. I danced with her hand in hand. We enjoyed the music and happiness.

Katarzyna changed my way of thinking about this program. It’s not just for improving my English or meeting people with different backgrounds. It’s not about what I can get out of it, but how I can exchange perspectives with other people I meet here. Furthermore, it’s about how I share the experience and exchange ideas so that I can try to do something influential. As we all know, it’s not that easy for everyone to step into America to do the exchange program. We had to find courage, conquer fear and convinced our families so that we can get here. Everyone who I meet on the program should be respected and is worthy to learn from.

Nothing is impossible. I was deeply encouraged by Katarzyna and I really appreciate her spirit. I am so thankful to her for helping me rethink the meaning of the Summer Work Travel program and how to keep making the most of it!