Meeting People from Around the World

By: Petra Opekarova, Greenheart Exchange, Work and Travel Participant and 2017 Ambassador Scholar

It is almost impossible, but every day I love it here more and more. Although we are working very hard, my team of co-workers is the best team in the world, and there is no problem we cannot overcome. We have fun together every single day, which makes our summer unforgettable!

Today I want to tell you about what makes my host city special. I have been spending the summer in Hampton Beach, which is a very tiny city, not surprisingly, located on the beach. Its biggest specialty, in my opinion, is that it is a very big tourist attraction! There are many new people who enter the city every day to enjoy their holidays or vacations. This trend influences us, the participants working here during the summer because we now have the possibility to meet even more people and learn something new from them!

I am currently running a small project here, where I am asking people about social issues and the important questions that are influencing their country. After getting their answers, I compare the facts with the situation in my country! My goal is to bring home some new ideas about how to solve various social issues in the Czech Republic. The fact that I am meeting hundreds of people from different parts of the United States, and also different parts of the world, is even more helpful for me. There are many tourists from Canada, Asia, and Europe coming to our store. And since I am naturally a very talkative and social person, I am simply having a blast!

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