Ambassador Scholar Visits Theme Park While in Branson, Missouri

By: Gian Morrison, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel 2017 Ambassador Scholar

My host city is special to me because my job has afforded me the opportunity to enjoy, explore, immerse, and bask in the cultural activities of Branson. I was taken to Silver Dollar City (SDC) where I had the time of my life. In addition, going to Silver Dollar City brought out a whole new side of Branson. The ambiance of the place encapsulates some of the historical and contemporary activities of America such as their dressing, the type of equipment used for cooking, country singing, and dancing among many others. Silver Dollar City showed me a different perspective of what makes the culture of America unique. At Silver Dollar City, they give you the opportunity to have lots! And lots! And lots! Of extremely super ordinary fun! You may be wondering how? So let me give you a sneak peek!

At SDC, there are a lot of roller coasters, which to me are very, and I mean, very scary but FUN! You also have the BIG SWING which is amazing. There are also lots of water slides, The Fire Station, and the list goes on and on. Did I tell you about the food? All you need to know is that it’s delicious! Have you ever had a turkey leg the size of a giant hand? If not go to SDC!

In addition, my host city is special because it helps me to meet people from Ukraine, Syria, Washington D.C.,  England, the Dominican Republic. Also, my host city is special because it allows me to understand what makes America the diverse nation it is. BRANSON IS GREAT!

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