Adios, My Second Home 

By: Christie Dominique Allison Castillo, Career Advancement Program Intern and 2017 Ambassador Scholar 

 There is no place like home, but I would not be the dreamer that I am without America. This land taught me a lot about being appreciative, kind, diligent, and being firm but considerate. I am glad that I have been a part of this beautiful community and once in a lifetime opportunity. 

The trials I experienced during my stay in the United States are also my lessons to ponder for the future, and my basis for how to nurture and strive for perfection. This is just a glimpse of the reality I know, which is that one of these days, I will encounter more difficulties that will harness my skills and experience. However, I am lucky enough to have found a new friend I can rely on in times of adversities and inconvenience in my second home. Making mistakes is also one of the biggest things I have lived. Nevertheless, I will collect those mistakes, craft and mold them into my ladder, as I climb up to success. I was also fortunate to help those in need, serve those who suffer, and make our neighborhood clean and green during my time in the United States. 

I reached one of my ultimate goals: to go from an ordinary student to a responsible citizen and professional. This was my path from everything I learned and shortcomings I encountered. This was all because of America and the people behind it. This is the time to continue what I have started. The glow inside me will be my light. When I return to my home country, I will obtain my master’s degree and focus more on the areas I needs to improve in. I will then start building my dream restaurant in the Philippines. 

It all comes to an end, but this is a happy ending. My last few months, weeks and days will be spent on more meaningful activities. I am truly sad to leave America, but I know that one day I will be back to the United States. I am proud and honored that I have been chosen as an Ambassador Scholar of Greenheart Exchange. This has been a great opportunity for me and all that I have learned here will surely be shared and nurtured.   

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.  

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