Greenheart hosted a Virtual Alumni Council Conference for the 2023-2024 season!

This past week, Greenheart hosted our virtual Alumni Council Conference for the 2023-2024 season! Focusing on a group Alumni Service Project, the conference hosted external and internal speakers to bring a plethora of advice, leadership opportunities, and overall knowledge of the cultural exchange industry.

In past years, the Alumni Council Conference met in both Berlin and Chicago, but unfortunately, when COVID-19 hit, Greenheart had to postpone all in-person conferences until further notice. Now that life is a little bit closer to “normal”, Greenheart decided what better way to bring past participants back to Greenheart than with a virtual Alumni Council.

The council has 5 wonderful Greenheart Alums from all over the world. With China, Ghana, the Philippines, and Armenia represented, the individuals below spent time together talking about their passions and what needs to change in their communities to make their homes a better place.

Precious, a member from Ghana mentioned, “My favorite part of the conference was listening to everyone share their stories and what they are seeking to achieve with their project. Also, those quiet moments when we had to brainstorm about our service project.”

With workshops from the Department of State, the Peace School, the Alliance for International ExchangeXploreAsia & Rescue P.A.W.S, and staff from Greenheart, the group was given tons of future resources to add to their professional network and advice from those living out cultural exchange every day.

Bill, a member from Ghana mentioned, “While all the workshops were exceptional, the Peace Mindfulness, Department of State (DOS), and CEO workshops stood out for me. They provided valuable insights into global issues, leadership, and the impact we can create.”

On the last day of the conference, the members got to share their stories and service project ideas with the Greenheart staff. It was a great way for all employees at Greenheart to see the passion and drive that our alumni have.

The Alumni Service Project consists of a budget of $5,000 split between the 5 members, the group decided that they all share a passion for educating others and agreed that would be the theme for their projects.

Anush: Greenheart FLEX Alumni- Anush will be using her grant to help teach those in rural areas in Armenia soft skills to help youth in future professional settings.

Precious: Greenheart Work and Travel Alumni- Precious will be using her grant to help educate and share the importance of menstrual periods and hygiene.

Palmer: Greenheart Work and Travel Alumni- Palmer will be using his grant to help educate the Guangdong Province of China on English studies and culture to help those wishing to travel and experience cultural exchange.

Alexis: Greenheart Work and Travel Alumni- Alexis will be using her grant to help educate high school students on the environment to create change in her community.

Bill: Greenheart Work and Travel Alumni- Bill will be using his grant to help educate underserved communities on the importance of STEM education. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

“I am excited most about my service project; help people who are in need and contribute what I am capable of to my community with support from Greenheart. I am always happy when I can give back to my community no matter what I am giving back big or small,” Palmer, a member from China stated.

As the year progresses, these members will be meeting monthly to continue leadership building and further their collaboration on their service projects. Greenheart will share updates on all 5 projects through blog posts and photos written and taken by our members.

Not only are these individuals changing their communities, but Greenheart believes they are positively impacting everyone they meet; each from different countries around the world, all sharing one Greenheart!

Congratulations!  We can’t wait to see how their grant projects progress.

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Thank you!