Gaining Confidence, an Open Mind, and English Language Skills

By: Kaitlyn Peters – Greenheart Exchange Employer Services Coordinator & Nabhatara Sinthuvanich “Title” – Greenheart Exchange 2017 Summer Work Travel Participant

This past summer, Nabhatara, or Title, spent his summer in the United States! We had the chance to catch up with Title while Greenheart Exchange was visiting Thailand on a Job Fair meeting new participants for the upcoming summer. Title sat down with Kaitlyn, one of our staff members, to talk about his experiences, what he learned, and how the program is still helping him today.

While on the Summer Work Travel program, Title learned how to be more independent. His flight to the USA was the first flight he had ever taken and the first time he had been in an airport! It was a challenge to navigate such a new experience by himself, but it was his first step to becoming more independent. While here, he also learned to be more open-minded, especially when it came to religion. Title learned quite a bit from his roommates; between the five of them, there were four different religions! This led to a lot of different conversations and allowed them to understand each other better.

While coming to a new country gave Title new skills and confidence, he also encountered some challenges that helped him grow. He spent the summer working as a crew leader, which brought with it both obstacles and opportunities; Title learned that it can be very difficult to discipline your friends and fellow participants. He found this especially difficult because he described himself as being a shy and introverted guy. While it was challenging, Title practiced being assertive and stern, but still approachable and fun! This experience helped him to develop his leadership skills, especially amongst his peers.

Further, his experiences on the Summer Work Travel program is really helping Title launch into his next journey and future goals. Title spent a lot of time in the United States working on his English language skills! He quickly learned that Americans are eager to talk and mingle with strangers, a fact that really helped him improve his English. This experience will be very beneficial for his next adventure, as he is heading to Brazil this summer to teach children about global issues! He will be teaching the students in English – a fact he finds a little nerve-wracking and difficult; however, his improvement in English from last summer will help him take on this new challenge. He is looking forward to getting out of his comfort zone and breaking the barriers with the children. His dream is to become a Spanish professor and help Spanish language and culture become more popular in Thailand!

Thanks to Title for giving us an update on what he is doing, and what he plans to do next! We love catching up with alumni and learning how the Summer Work Travel program propels them to future success! Do you have a story about how the program shaped your life? Reach out to Greenheart Exchange, and share it today!