From Participant to Travel Consultant

By: Natalie Bailey, Greenheart Exchange Career Advancement Program Intern and 2015 Ambassador Scholar

After coming back home from my Career Advancement Program in Massachusetts and finishing my internship back in September 2017, I graduated from college in May 2018. I received my bachelor’s degree in International Tourism Management. 

After graduation, I did some travelling before getting started on my career. I travelled back to the United States and visited the jazzy city of New Orleans for seven nights with my mom. It was so much fun! The food, culture and 18th century architecture was breathtaking!  I didn’t go during the Mardi Gras festival season, but nonetheless, I plan to go back.  

I also did a short European tour around some destinations in Spain, visited my close friend who lives in Hamburg, Germany, and finished the trip in Amsterdam before returning home. 

I am currently working in the tourism industry, as an administrator and customer service consultant for a travel agency in the United Kingdom. I started last September on a fixed, one-year contract, but was later offered a full-time position in January 2018! The role is very challenging and requires problem-solving skills because of the constant changes in the ever-transforming industry. However, I really enjoy my position as I face new situations and challenges every day. It is amazing to now be working in the industry I studied, had a transformative internship for, and now get to pursue it every day! 

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